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Siegfried at the Met


  1. I have to agree with this! While I am not a professional musician nor do I know a lot about conducting (my musical involvement is limited to singing in an amateur choral society, studying piano, and attending lots of operas and concerts), I have to say that when I attended Siegfried a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know who was replacing Levine that night (not having had the chance to look at the program)! However, my strongest impression was of the orchestra playing. I just felt, for reasons I can’t even explain (clarity? transparency? lightness? freshness? sensitivity?), that the conducting was terrific! It was only afterward that I learned that it was Luisi. I was glad to be able to make my own assessment independent of expectations, especially considering that I’d read both good and “bad” things about Luisi (the bad things being press from the west coast that Luisi isn’t enough of a leader or a visionary to take over at the Met, or something to that effect…) My thoughts about the production itself after the first three operas? a gargantuan, creaking, groaning, potentially dangerous, perplexing, sometimes silly, enormously expensive disappointment!

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