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Did Dvorak Compose “Deep River”?


  1. Michael Beckerman says:

    Did Anton Seidl Compose Deep River?
    Yo Joe, remember that this “stately” introductory episode got its slowness mojo from Seidl, who kept slowing it down (witnes Dvorak’s crossed out tempo marking in the ms.). So actually it was a partnership Burleigh-Dvorak-Seidl who slowed down and “invented” Deep River. And it figures in another way, since many had come to believe that spirituals were not only “expressive” music but the *most* expressive music, relating to its purported origins in slavery and the Plantation song. Considering the close relationship between slowness and expression, it’s no wonder “Deep River” slowed down.
    Also, as far as Burleigh/Dvorak is concerned, it’s clear that Burleigh quotes Dvorak in his arrangement of “Swing Low.”
    Nice blog!

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