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How Performable is Verdi at the Met?


  1. William Lang says:

    I feel very strongly about one of your opinions here. You say that the orchestra handled Verdi better before because they were more Italian, and that Russian Operas are complete because they are being conducted and played by Russians. I just cannot get behind this sentiment that is omnipresent in music. It would be analogous to me saying that I just saw some Jazz music, but it wasn’t as great as it should be because white people were playing, or to see Mitsuoka Uchida playing Mozart, and saying fine, but she’s not European. I feel that this is a lazy argument, and by now it should be a thing of the past. Sadly, wherever I go and whatever I read, I encounter this argument that you have to be something (in this case, italian,) in order to get something (italian music.)

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