My book, improved

Rebirth, my book

Here's a revision of the first chunk of the final version of my book, Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music. After the end, I've said why I revised it. With examples, which maybe will help those learning to write.  I think this post is important, because the book is important. We all -- me included -- need a map, a guide to what's happened to classical music, and to where it's going. Many people have said that they want that. For years I've tried to provide it. And now (knock on wood) I'm providing it.  What follows is just the beginning. … [Read more...]

Old book

My book: Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music. For a while I unfolded it bit by bit online, posting drafts, or improvisations, or riffs on what the book might say. My idea was to promote the book, and to spread the ideas in it around. To get reactions to the ideas, and to how I put them. This was invaluable, but I was never happy with how the book unfurled. It seemed like something improvised, not like something planned, something with structure and a goal. The oldest versions of the book are still online. They're thoroughly superseded … [Read more...]

My book — final version

I've posted the new first chunk of my book, Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music.  Comments on it are welcome. Long-time readers know I've been working on this book for quite a while, and that drafts of it have appeared here earlier. But what's on the blog now is the final version. Only a little to start, but there's a larger second chunk coming shortly. In the book, I'm saying that our culture has changed, that classical music hasn't kept up, that this is why there's a classical music crisis, and that the only solution to the crisis is to … [Read more...]