From Lara Downes: Here at the Exiles’ Cafe

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[From Greg: I'm happy to introduce the first of our guest bloggers. Lara Downes seemed like a perfect choice, because she'd already emailed me about some classical CD covers she likes, and because the explosion of comments on her own CD image almost cried out for a response from her. I'm happy that she made one — in a very friendly, companionable way — and I'm delighted to think we might hear from her from time to time about all of her work. She's a fine example of an entrepreneurial classical musician.] Well, I've been enjoying the lively … [Read more...]

Community squared

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As I've been saying in my last post, and the one before, I've realized that my blog — all my work — involves a community. And that I want to move in new directions. So here's yet another way to move. I'd talked about taking my work to an institution (which perhaps I'd run), but if I keep it here, I've realized that I'd love some help. There are many reasons for that. First -- and simplest — is my workload. Just keeping the blog going (not to mention my newsletters, and other things I do) requires lots of administrative time. Formatting … [Read more...]


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A belated happy new year to everyone! As I come back to my normal life after an intensely happy holiday. We have lots to do here. We need to continue the mavericks posts from last month. And of course I want to assess the condition of classical music, as I do every year. Starting, maybe, by citing some ways that — while the mavericks show great change, great success — our normal ways of doing things are failing. But I've realized a few things while I've been away. First, that I've accomplished a lot here, along with all of you who read … [Read more...]

An explosion of comments…

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…and an apology to everyone. Yesterday, more comments showed up on this blog than every showed up on a single day before. Thanks so much, everyone who commented! I'm thrilled to have sparked such interest. But I have to approve the comments before they go online. And yesterday turned out to be an insanely busy, exhausting day. So I didn't get to the comments till this morning. Which means that so many of you posted comments, and then may have wondered where they were! I do apologize. But remember that I'm a one-man band here, and … [Read more...]