From Nicole Canham: Opening up what we do (2)


[Now we come to the changes Nicole Canham made, which drew such an explosion of new people when she was artistic director of the Canberra International Music Festival.] [In part one of her post, she told us why changes were needed. And why she also continued the festival's older programming, because, as she says: Something I’ve observed and find difficult to understand is why in our discourse there isn’t more tolerance for integrating both the best of traditional practice with a realistic understanding of contemporary culture. It has been my … [Read more...]

From Nicole Canham: Opening up what we do (1)


[From Greg: Nicole Canham — an Australian musician, festival director, creative producer, scholar, and innovator -- is, as you're about to see, someone who fits perfectly with what we're doing here. She herself was attracted to my work, and contacted me a few years ago when she was in New York. I later met her in Sydney, when I was visiting Australia to give a keynote speech at what was billed as a "Classical Music Summit," a conference that brought people from around the country together, to talk about where classical music should go.  [We … [Read more...]