From Caroline Márkos: My career outside the box (2)

Bruce Barrett 2011

In part one of her guest post, Caroline told her story. Born in the Yukon Territory in Canada, success as a jazz singer when she was just 19, vocal trouble, lessons from a classical voice teacher — and revelation! She devoted herself to classical music, and got a master's degree as a classical soprano.  But:  Like you, I hear and read about classical music attendance dwindling and I get a pit in my stomach.  Firstly, because it affects my and my husband’s livelihood, and secondly because I’ve come to love this music so much that it deeply … [Read more...]

From Caroline Márkos: My career outside the box (1)

Photo by Alistair Eagle

From Greg: A  few months ago, I got email from a singer in Canada, who'd just found my blog. She was thrilled, because she'd been thinking some of the same things I and others here, readers and guest bloggers, think, and it was what she thought, too. Thoughts about how classical music needs to change. She'd never known that so many others agreed with her. I get email like this often enough, and it's heartening. Always makes me happy that I'm doing this blog. The singer — Caroline Márkos — and I exchanged a few messages, and in one of them I … [Read more...]