Again, where’s Greg?

It’s been liberating, I have to confess — not writing the blog for a bit, while I keep up my intense travel schedule. New York (from Washington) every week, and then, from the second week in October, a trip to DePauw University to continue my work with the music school there, a trip to Dubuque to help a community music school evolve a strategic plan.

Colburn blogAnd then Boston to speak (twice) at a conference (and serve on a panel). And last week DePauw again, and this week Los Angeles. There I’ll be joining Doug McLennan, founder of ArtsJournal and my friend, in a conversation with Sel Kardan, the president and CEO of the Colburn School.

This kicks off Sidley Austin Artspeaksa new lecture series at Colburn. To judge from the conversation Doug and Sel and I had to plan what we’d do, we’re going to be unpredictable. And fun!

7 PM Wednesday in Thayer Hall at Coburn. Free admission, but you have to register in advance. Do it here.

And now that I’m even dipping my little toe in the blog to write this, I’m nostalgic for blogging. I’ve got the crisis series to finish (scroll to the end of the post I’ve linked, to find all the crisis posts).  And there’s lots more to say. Watch this space!

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    I think you can be forgiven for being so busy – it happens to us all! I do appreciate the fact that you take the time to notify readers that you’re still connected. Isn’t it funny how real life can interfere so much with the virtual one? Would love to hear more about the lecture series when you get a chance…