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czardas blogCrazy fun.

Twelve teachers from the Washington Conservatory (a community music school) play Monti’s “Csárdás,” a famous old chestnut for the violin. Here they’re taking turns on the piano. Truly crazy.

How’d it happen? The director of the conservatory knows a producer at the TEDMED conference, an annual April gathering at DC’s Kennedy Center, where health and science professionals brainstorm and collaborate. Could the conservatory, the producer asked, come up with a musical metaphor for fun, creative collaboration?

This was the result. Great fun. And creatively collaborative. So glad there’s a video!

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  1. says

    Reminds me of an old Victor Borge routine, where he and his partner would whirl around the bench playing the piece. Though in their case, they kept knocking each other off the bench.

  2. ariel says

    It is interesting to observe what lengths the second rate will go to display they are second rate .
    They should have destroyed the video from sheer embarrassment for the lack of invention . Can
    one dare hope they are more creative in their more sober moments ?

  3. richard says

    Hey, it was a cheap laugh. You probably don’t like PDQ Bach either. This was not serious music making.

    • ariel says

      It certainly was cheap ……try Dudley Moore , Anna Russell , and even some early PDQ Bach
      None of it was serious music making but was “serious ” humour.