My branding workshop is happening

I’d blogged awhile ago about teaching an online workshop, about branding for classical musicians. And administrators, if someone wants to brand an institution.

The response was terrific. I needed six people to make the workshop possible, and got them easily. Plus more who’d love to do it. Plus some in Australia, whom I’ll count separately, because — thanks to the time difference — I’d have to teach them as a separate group. It’s hard enough scheduling six busy people in the US, but to also include one or two from such a radically different time zone…that would be tricky.

I hope more people will want to do this with me. We could have another session ready to go very shortly. Please email if you’re interested.

So we’ll have three group sessions, in the third and fourth weeks of May. I’m eagerly looking forward to this. I also taught branding in my Juilliard course on the future of classical music, and the results were beyond my expectations. in fact, I was deeply moved. I’ll blog about this next, but what I learned was that branding classical music doesn’t have to be anything like branding Coca-Cola. If you speak from your heart about what matters most to you, about how you make music, it’s not all that hard to find words and images to describe what you are. And to make yourself compelling to whoever you want your branding to reach.

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