Wonderful baby

my baby Rafa with his arms upFatherhood most definitely agrees with me. Likewise the blooming of my marriage into true family life. As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s like someone turned the lights on.

One highlight of my Kentucky trip was requests to see photos of little Rafa. Melted my heart every time. Plus meeting other parents of small kids. And watching 13-month old Sophie climbing stairs, looking back at her mom and me, to make sure we saw her doing it. Though her mom says coming down isn’t quite as easy!

And, very important — if he”s reading this, would the man who asked me about adoption before my talk please contact me? If he’d still like to talk about that with me, that is. We talked for a little while, and then I lost track of him. Hoped to see him again, as my visit went on, and was very sorry to have missed him. I’d very much like to talk by phone or email, if he’d like to.

Our baby looking wistful

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