destroyed railroad

No, that's not the disorder of my mind (which, as human minds go, is less tattered than usual these days). This is the railroad I take from my home in Warwick, NY to New York City, and to my other home in Washington, DC. After, that is, the tracks were destroyed by Hurricane Irene. Maybe the hurricane is old news by now. But what happened to the railroad -- New Jersey Transit's Port Jervis line -- is staggering. News reports said there were 1000-foot stretches that look like the photo, or worse. The trains won't run again for months. And … [Read more...]

Support for commerce

From a reader

Steve Ledbetter posted a comment I thought I'd share here in the blog. He's responding to my thoughts (in yesterday's "Relaunch" post) about classical music commerce, which will be my theme on the blog in October: You're on the right track considering commerce -- anyone who wants to make a living in music, whether as a sole practitioner or as a member of an ensemble needs to realize that being able to continue the work long enough to be worthwhile also means finding that market, which seems to have become so elusive. Seth Godin is a terrific … [Read more...]

Relaunch, day two


My relaunch continues. I've got a new…well, a new home page. It's the beginning of a new website. I'll construct the site incrementally. Or (as I wrote on the page) by surprise. It'll take me awhile (of course). But I'll build it, I hope, in the rhythm of other parts of my relaunch. Want to help? I think of this as an interim site. Would anyone want to redesign it? Send me ideas! One thought I had -- if anyone cares to design a new home page for me, I can put it online, just for the fun of it. I could even use several, each for a while, to … [Read more...]


Greg Sandow

Labor Day's over. The new season starts. And, after vacation, this is when I've always restarted my blog. But this year there's more. Not just a restart. This year it's a relaunch, not just of the blog, but of everything I do online. And much that I'll do in the physical world. To start with, the blog has a new look, thanks to new software, courtesy (and what happy timing) of my ArtsJournal hosts. A big improvement, I think, and not just in looks. The blog should now be more flexible, which I'll hope brings me closer to all of you. And … [Read more...]