Essential reading

Some of the best — most thorough, most well-documented, most perceptive — writing I’ve seen on the future of classical music is in a three-part series from Kyle MacMillan, the fine arts critic of the Denver Post

Full disclosure — Kyle and I agree on many things, and he interviewed me for the series. I’m quoted in the first part, which came out a week ago Sunday. The second part appeared yesterday, with the third one scheduled for next Sunday. 

But leave my involvement out of it. Kyle’s writing speaks for itself. If you want one thing to read — or one thing to recommend — about the future of classical music, I’d say choose Kyle’s series, titled Classical Music: A Future in Doubt.

Here are links.

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  1. says

    Completely agree. Even if some disagree.. The article lays out a perspective worth consideration. I hope it is widely read and stimulates exploration and creativity for local community engagement.