Download PDFs of my writing

As maybe the start of a larger effort to publish my writing on the web, I’ve made a ;; of my posts about awakening the audience. It’s rewritten to be a single essay, and you easily can send it to your friends and colleagues. If you’d like it, please email me with “audience series” in the subject line, and I’ll send the PDF to you by return email.

Also available:

  • My Australia talk, which — when I posted it here — I said was the best summary I’ve ever made of my current ideas about where classical music is going, and what we need to do.
  • An essay on the challenge of popular culture, which began as a talk I gave a year ago at an international music conference in Tunisia. I then expanded it into a full-fledged essay, complete with footnotes — which means that you’ll find documentation of many things I’ve often said in this blog. Plus a link to a recording of my talk. 

For the Australia talk, email with “Australia” in the subject line. For Tunis, email “Tunis.” For all three, email “all.”

Blog posts about my Australia visit:

Summary of what I did

Delightful provocation from an Australian friend

The Australian classical music summit

Culture shock — a rock star as culture minister

About the Tunis conference:

“A week in Tunisia”

International music issues

Young people in Finland don’t listen to classical music; Australian website gathers stats on international concert attendance

International music politics — music and free trade

More tidbits: 18th century crossover in Guatemala; structure aboriginal music, almost inconceivable to us; Tunisian microtones

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