While I’m away

Until I get back from Australia on July 17, I can’t guarantee that I’ll post or reply to comments every day. I’ll do some blog posts. But if time is tight, and I don’t get to the comments, I do apologize, but that’s just how it is. I value the comments, and will do my best to post them as soon as I can. Apologies to all who post something, and have to wait a bit before seeing it online.

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  1. jon laing says

    So, Greg Sandow you think ‘classical music is kind of stuck’quoted in The Age in Australia today. I find this to be an inane comment. Have you lost the ability to emotionally respond to Beethoven, Brahms and the like? You are in a position to inspire and influence AND to make such foolish comments is a loss of opportunity to do just that. One who really loves music can respond to all forms – classical – popular or contemporary . I was shocked to see you quoted today. I then logged on to see who you were, and my dismay has been reinforced.