Rules for the prize

Let’s make this a little more formal. I said I’d give $50 to the favorite charity of the first publicist to show me that he or she has “stopped sending press releases, and instead sends the email I’ve described, linked to a lively webpage.”

And of course that’s the email — replacing a press release — that I described in my post on why nobody should send out press releases.

But now I think I should specify more detailed rules, so people will know what I’m looking for, and so my judgment won’t seem arbitrary.

To qualify for my gift — which I’m looking forward to making — you must send me three emails, of the kind I described, that you’ve sent out in place of press releases. That means three emails for three different things that you’re publicizing.

The email must contain a link to a lively webpage, defined as one that has graphics, and links to audio and/or video. And, needless to say, the webpage must actually exist, and its links have to actually work.

The first package like this that reaches me — and that I think meets my guidelines — will get its maker the gift. I’ll still use my subjective judgment, of course, to decide if an entry does meet my guidelines. But at least now it’s clear what these entries should be.

I’m looking forward to giving this gift. One publicist interested said she’d want the gift to go to a community orchestra. I’ve love to make that contribution!

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