Not an attack site!

Apologies to everyone who tried to come here, and got a scary red warning that this is an attack site!

It isn’t. I don’t know why it’s been flagged as one — along with all of ArtsJournal, from what I’ve been told. I understand it’s being worked on.

And the weirdest thing is that not every browser flags my blog as evil. Firefox did, but IE doesn’t, Chrome doesn’t, and, on my iPhone, Safari doesn’t and Opera Mini doesn’t. Go figure. I got here on Firefox, finally, by going into the “Security” tab in the settings dialogue, and unchecking “Block reported attack sites.”

Even when the attack was reported, I could get to the blog by clicking the small “Ignore this warning” link at the lower right, but then the blog appeared as text-only, missing all the formatting and sidebars.

Very annoying. Sorry for the trouble.

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  1. Jeremy Howard Beck says

    For the record, as of 8:16PM Eastern Time, Chrome is indeed blocking this with the scary red screen (I clicked through to post).