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Today I’m going to the Yale School of Music, where — very much at my request — they’re going to drain me dry. I mentioned my trip here earlier, and posted the text of a presentation I prepared for the school’s excellent website. (My presentation can be found via a link here.)

My main event comes Saturday, from 10 AM to noon eastern time, when I’ll be talking to students involved in Yale’s community outreach program. I’ll suggest a shift of emphasis, in which they try to find an audience their own age. Loyal readers know that’s one of my mantras these days. And if anyone wants to see and hear my make this presentation — and, much more interesting, I think — see and hear what the students have to say about it, the whole thing will be streamed. To find the stream on Saturday morning, go to I’m giving the link at full length to make it easy for anyone who wants to pass it on to others.

I’m going to have a busy few days. Besides various dinners, lunches, and a meeting with a committee at the school that deals with a subject I’m interested in, I’ll have sessions with wind and brass students, composers, guitar students, and — one of the most delightful pairings I’ve ever encountered — a joint session with violists and singers.

I’m so much looking forward to all this, and I hope I can be useful to students trying to orient themselves toward classical music’s future.

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  1. says

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend, Greg! I’ll try to catch some of the stream Saturday. Your emphasis on young performers finding (I suggest reframing this as “creating new”) audiences their own age is great.

    And those of us in the 50+ age bracket can be working to create younger audiences, too.

    Anyway, lucky Yale, and you, to to have so many great people to have these conversations with.

    Eric, thanks so much for your reframing! I love it, and I quoted it repeatedly while I was at Yale. I’ll post more about my visit. It was exhausting, but exhilarating.


  2. John Brandon says

    Hi Greg!

    This is John Brandon. I was in your presentation this morning at Yale and afterwards we spoke about your book and the online community. Send me a message so we can talk about how I can help you with compiling, transcribing, etc.

    Thanks for a great session this morning!