I love where the solutions idea is taking us. And I’m serious about collecting the responses in a sidebar to the blog, in the “Resources” section on the right.

But I’m a little overwhelmed by the work involved. No need to get into a list right now of my many projects, but I’m reaching the limit of what I can reasonably handle. Even though maintaining the “Solutions” page is nothing but simple grunt work. I just don’t know if I have time for it.

So I’d love to find a volunteer. Would someone like to help, collect the things for the page, maintain the page, and maybe later on collate what’s on it, arranging the solutions at least approximately by what kind of solution they are? Elementary knowledge of HTML would be a help, or at least some reasonable computer facility.

If anyone’s interested, and available, please email me. And I hope someone is! I want to make this happen.

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