Happy holidays

My warmest holiday wishes to everyone who reads this blog — long-time readers, new readers, quiet readers, commenting readers. Everyone!

I’m thrilled that you’re here, and that so many of you — as I know from your comments and your e-mail — have joined with me and each other in a movement to change classical music.

For next year, a resolution: Let’s try to find ways to pull our movement together, to stay in touch, to share thoughts, information, projects. Change is sweeping through the field, and we don’t yet know enough about what’s going on. When we know more, I predict we’ll be thrilled.

And one last thought. If you read this blog and the comments, and — as many of you have told me in e-mail — find your own thoughts echoed, you know you’re not alone. You might feel you’re the only one in your school, your institution, your area to think this way, but even if that’s somehow true, you’re not alone, not this holiday season, and not ever. We’re a movement, and we’re growing faster than we think.

I might ease up on blog posts until the new year. But there’s one, at least, that I’m going to do — my top ten list for the decade, the ten most striking signposts, pointing toward the future of classical music. Look for it after Christmas.

And until then, best holiday wishes to everyone! I’m very glad you’re here.

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