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Out of friendship and admiration for Bang on a Can composer Michael Gordon and his publicist — that would be my friend Amanda Ameer, whose “Life’s A Pitch” blog is essential reading — I’m helping publicize a performance this Wednesday at Le Poisson Rouge in New York. On the program: Michael’s very nice piece Trance.

To hear a sample of it, the very last track of the CD, just go here. To hear the previous track…well, it’s a puzzle. Think of music blogs you might have visited, and go to the one that licks its lips, metallically, in the dark of night. (Its creator can be found posting comments here.) There you’ll find a hint about other blogs to go to, where you can hear other tracks from the piece, seven in all.

If you find all seven blogs, you can win free tickets to the show. First three to find all seven should email the list to Amanda. Good luck!

And if you just want to buy the music (not a bad option) on CD or as a download, go here.

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  1. says

    I saw the news of this piece at Seq21. It was a good excuse to go back to the BOAC site and try to buy mp3’s.

    I had heard Michael Gordon’s “Decasia” on wnyc2 and immediately gone to BOAC to buy it. The download process was less than useful. Many emails changed hands before we could get it to work.

    I went and bought “Trance”. I like it a lot. The download process was much better. There is still some klunkiness: waiting for an email to say come get it; each track is a separate download. This is not exactly Amazon. But, klunkiness aside, the thing went well.

    I heartily recommend the site and the download process at BOAC. And, I thank Seq21 for announcing the piece.

    Scavengar hunts? Sorry, I am too old and bitter for such friviloity.

    Posted 6:59AM 4 21 09


  2. Maura says

    This is an awesome way to promote a concert. I’m sad that I’m on the wrong coast to be able to take advantage, though I might do the scavenger hunt just for fun.