Back again

I’ve neglected the blog, I know. I did a lot of intense preparation for my Juilliard and Eastman classes, both on the future of classical music. And in the middle of that, I took a long drive from my country place down to Washington to be at the inauguration, and of course to be with Anne.


There I am, after the festivities, not a notable photo in itself (and the crowd looks so small!), but it’s my souvenir, along with an overpriced t-shirt I bought later on. And you can see how happy I am.

That night, after miles of walking, I had to drive back to NY. And then came teaching, a trip to Rochester to teach at Eastman…a strenuous time. And I made a rule for myself: This week, nothing obsessive. No forcing myself to work when I was fried.

But now I’m back. Continuing. The future of classical music won’t wait. And there’s a lot to talk about.

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