Stealing from the Met

My friend Amanda Ameer has outdone herself on her new ArtsJournal blog, Life’s a Pitch, which I praised here not long ago. A couple of days ago, she had a post about the Metropolitan Opera, about what they’ve done to reinvent themselves and to attract attention — and about how even the smallest organizations can steal the Met’s ideas. It’s just brilliant:

Splurge [meaning the extravagant thing the Met does]: Movie stars at opening night.

Steal [meaning how anyone can steal it]: Community leaders at opening night. Restaurant owners, bar owners, CEOs, the superintendent of schools, your local congressman/woman, the mayor. OK, it’s not Jude Law, but reaching out to the taste-makers in your community can only help build support for your organization, and everyone likes a special opening night invitation, red carpet or not.

There’s much more. Read it — and use it!

And bravo Amanda.


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