Cancelled in Canada

From Rob Teehan in Canada comes the following, posted as a comment to another post, but worth attention on its own. Thanks for this, Rob: Hello, Up here in Canada there have been a lot of developments at the CBC, our flagship public broadcaster, that I'm sure you'd be interested in, if you're not already aware of them. First off, the CBC announced recently that it would be scaling back its classical programming on CBC Radio 2 in favour of other genres. Second, the CBC recently … [Read more...]

New look small glitches

Maybe you've noticed a new look here -- subtly new. That accompanies a switch (throughout the ArtsJournal blogs) to new blog software. It does look better, I think, and it's a big improvement, from a working blogger's point of view, making things easier when I write and upload posts. But! Some comments to previous posts didn't make it into the new format. I'll be working on those over the next couple of days, and soon they'll all be visible again. Apologies to the commenters, whose thoughts (which I value very highly) disappeared. Everything … [Read more...]

Catching up (2)

Some things I've been thinking about....(And I'll have to add more in another post. Note that I'll be on vacation for a few days, and won't be able to post any comments till next Monday or Tuesday.) First, and most exciting, Terrance McKnight (and also here), the new host and programmer of the "Evening Music" show on WNYC, New York's public radio station. He started on March 3. I've been fascinated, over the many years that I've been commenting on the future of classical music, to see that future emerge. Fascinated, and delighted, too. I … [Read more...]

Comments will be posted!

I apologize to everyone who posted comments on my last few posts, but who hasn't seen their comments appear on the site. As I've often noted here, I have to approve each comment, because of the vast -- truly unspeakable! -- amount of spam that arrives. And since I like to reply to comments, I usually wait to post comments until I have time for the replies. Now, though, things have gotten out of hand, and I have a backlog. I do apologize, and the neglected comments (for which I'm grateful) will be posted shortly. … [Read more...]


My thoughts on professional music education - what schools should emphasize Hope for the future - what I told my Eastman class: My courses this spring - at Juilliard and Eastman - are about the future of classical music. You can read the Juilliard syllabus right here, and in fact I'll happily invite you to do that. (The Eastman course is the same, but much shorter. If you're curious to see how I abridged the Juilliard schedule, go here.) You'll find you can read everything … [Read more...]

Catching up

Well, it's been a whirlwind. Frequent readers - and my thanks to all of you - will have noticed that I haven't been posting much. Ever since January, my life has been a mashup. I've been back and forth between New York and Rochester, teaching at Juilliard and Eastman. I've been spending time in Washington, DC, with my wife Anne Midgette, who's been doing spectacular work as classical music critic with the Washington Post. I've been working with the Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society, helping to get their audience talking to them. (I'll be there … [Read more...]