1. Eurotrash Greg?#

    Laconic comments are — laconic. I don’t know if this one objects to the term I used, or means to say that the term doesn’t apply to the North Korean ruling family.

    Certainly it’s a common expression, in regular use wherever there’s nightlife. As for whether it describes Kim Jong-il and his family, there’s certainly a lot of clubbing, especially on trips to other countries. In one really crazy episode (recounted in the Bradley Martin book I recommended), one of Kim’s sons was caught entering Japan with a forged Dominican Republic passport, and wads of US and Japanese currency. Stamps on the passport showed that he’d entered Japan with it many times before, without getting caught. He said he only wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland.

  2. Another good source of information is the documentary “Children of the Secret State.” Made me cry… Very good information.