My book — final version

I’ve posted the new first chunk of my book, Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music.  Comments on it are welcome. Long-time readers know I’ve been working on this book for quite a while, and that drafts of it have appeared here earlier. But what’s on the blog now is the final version. Only a little to start, but there’s a larger second chunk coming shortly. In the book, I’m saying that our culture has changed, that classical music hasn’t kept up, that this is why there’s a classical music crisis, and that the only solution to the crisis is to set classical music free, and let it take its place in our current culture as a fully contemporary art. Which doesn’t mean we won’t be playing Beethoven, any more than we’ve stopped reading Tolstoy. My book is a message of hope, designed to help all of us, as we work together to build classical music’s future. Watch the blog for more, or sign up for my newsletter. That puts you on my mailing list, and you’ll get email when new book chunks show up online.

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