A short break

I think we’re really on a roll here, meaning not just me, but readers, too, to judge from the comments I’ve been posting. Posts about good things — real changes happening — are heartening to write, and also seem to be heartening to read.

So I’m really sorry that I have to call a brief halt. I’m going away for a short vacation in the sun, as I do around this time every year. While I’m gone, I won’t be going near computers or e-mail, so I won’t be posting, and won’t be able to post comments, either. I’ll be back next Wednesday, and then I’ll pick up where we left off. I have more posts planned about new events and new ideas, including something about Wordless Music in New York, and thoughts from another one of my Eastman students. Not to mention the Pittsburgh Symphony, which (among other things) is planning something so uncannily like one of my ideas suggested by the Apple Store, that you’d think their staff and I had been reading each others’ minds. And then I’m sure many of you will take my ideas a lot further, as you always do.

So a word to readers who haven’t looked at the comments to my posts — please do. You won’t regret it. Just click on the “comments” link, below. You’ll find some of the best writing done on this blog.

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