I’m on vacation starting today, and not coming back until the first week in August. Probably I’ll start blogging again around August 7, give or take a few days. I’m going away to a very quiet spot in England, to compose as well as relax. I’ll be getting e-mail every few days, but can’t guarantee to answer everything during the time I’m away.

One more thing: This blog and my book site won’t be accepting comments while I’m gone. And not because I don’t want people discussing what I’ve written while I’m not around. It’s a simple thing–I have to approve every comment before it goes up. And the reason for that, in turn, is pretty simple. Originally I wanted to be sure that people didn’t fall into shouting matches on my site, something we’ve all seen happen on the Web. But now I’m not worried about that, since it hasn’t yet happened, and the reason for requiring approval for all comments turns out to be much more basic: A lot of the comments turn out to be spam. So unless you want my comments pages to be pockmarked with links you don’t want to follow (trust me on that), I’ll have to block all comments until I come back.

With apologies for that, and hoping everyone reading this has a great month, I’ll be back online in August.

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