Good CD cover


Mitsuko Uchida and Mark Steinberg play Mozart Violin and Piano Sonatas. The image says: Something’s going on here. These are people with something to say. Doesn’t matter whether the image evokes Mozart or not. The playing in fact is focused, inward, individual, sometimes sharp (with an edge), sometimes ferocious, not untroubled. So the image is accurate. It really does tell you — without words, without any thoughts it might be easy to name — why you want to hear this CD.

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  1. says

    here’s a interesting review:

    [url=]Blair Sanderson – All Music Guide [/url]

  2. Scott Belyea says

    Interesting. I react quite differently – “Hmm … another of Ms. Uchida’s ‘I’m in agony here’ covers.”

    I also don’t particularly like the all-caps font with those bloated O’s. When an O takes up what looks like 4x the horizontal space of an L, something is out of whack.

    None of this has anything to do with the music or the playing, of course, but it’s not a cover that would improve the odds of me buying the CD.

    Ah, well … no accounting for taste! :-)

    Maybe the best thing is that we both react. So the cover communicates something — which is more than most classical CD covers manage to do.