I’m gratified by how many comments are coming in, and by how interesting they are. I have to say, with regret, that I’m not able to reply individually to each one, as I’ve tried to do with the comments on my book. I may not be able to respond to every book comment in the future, either. Precisely because I do much work on the future of classical music, my time is getting squeezed.

I’m responding to many of the comments, though, if not most of them. And I’m grateful for all of them. I always learn a lot from everything that people say to me, whether in comments to the blog or in private e-mail.

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    It’s a happy blog that allows comments, Greg. Thanks for being open to them here and so often fielding them. Great to see someone such as yourself engage in dialogue with us Joe-Bloggs-music-enthusiast- out here!

    Talking of comments – heard you on WQED fm the other day as Jim Cunningham cornered (?!) you post-concert at Carnegie Hall. It’s good to hear Greg Sandow on the radio, even if impromptu.

    More please!

    Well, gosh, thanks, Jonathan! I miss Pittsburgh, and loved seeing everyone at the Carnegie concert. Loved the concert, too, and was raving about the Tchaikovksy,which is probably why Jim shyly asked me to record a comment. But he used a video camera, so you’re only getting half the effect if you only heard it on the radio! Jim said it would be on Channel 13…

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