Best holiday wishes!

And apologies to everyone who looked for the fourth episode of my book, and didn’t find it. Or, for that matter, who looked for new posts on this blog. I’ll have one tomorrow, Thursday, December 23. And then I’ll very likely take some time off for Christmas.

The episode was delayed for many reasons, among them overwork, illness, and a really bad computer problem. All of which sounds worse than it was! I’ll resume the book on January 9, and blogwise, there’s plenty to talk about. Not long ago I spent a day leading conversations with a group of presenters from one region of the US, who present classical concerts but are losing their audience. (Where have we heard that before?) And in January I’ll be teaching my course on the future of classical music both at Juilliard and at Eastman; making a long presentation about how to develop a new audience, to the board of a major classical music institution; and giving a keynote speech in England, to the Association of British Orchestras. Plus more. It’s a busy life. My best holiday wishes to everyone, and may your life be full of music.

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