More on Bohemia

Not long ago I teased — was that the word? —Early Music New York for their CD Bohemian Christmas. Of course they meant Christmas in Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic, but I thought people new to classical music wouldn’t have a clue, and might wonder if the CD was for an offbeat artist’s holiday.

So now, to be fair, I have to note that the CD is the latest in a series from the group: A Medieval Christmas, A Renaissance Christmas, A Baroque Christmas, and Colonial Christmas. So if the target audience is established fans, then of course the title makes more sense. I could argue that we need to reach beyond established fans, and as an industry (so to speak), we do. But individual groups can be forgiven if they don’t deal with all that heavy lifting, and just try to sell their CDs to the people who already are likely to buy them.

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