I’m on vacation; have been for a week, in fact. So most likely no posts here till after Labor Day. We’ve moved into a new country house, which we’ve been building for more than a year. Now it’s finished. Exhilarating!

When the blog resumes, I’m eager to make many posts. More about pop music and pop culture — I’ve gotten some very thoughtful objections to what I’ve been saying, which help me refine my thoughts. And then there’s the aging audience; I have some striking data.

And finally I’m going to write a book on the future of classical music. A lot of the writing will be done in public, maybe here in the blog, maybe elsewhere. So you’ll have a chance to read the book as it takes shape. Best of all, you’ll have a chance to comment, which is sure to teach me a lot, and make the book a lot better.

All this when work resumes in the fall…best wishes to all my readers (and my faithful correspondents) for what remains of the summer. It’s all too short!

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