Somebody’s trying

From David Ezer, Conference and Events Manager at Chamber Music America, comes the following:


Since you’re blogging of late about copy, here’s some brochure copy I just found, which I found remarkable for its being conversational, direct, and reflective of a history between presenter and audience. It has asides, quotes the artists, doesn’t treat the art like its rarefied — it may not be sober, but at least it’s different and much more engaging than the basic stuff.

David’s right, and these links are well worth following. My own take: the copy might run a little long, and maybe needs a bit more flavor. But “conversational, direct, and reflective of a [quite tangible] history between presenter and audience” — that’s exactly on the money, and very refreshing to see. Thanks, David! And thanks to the arts presenters at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, who wrote the copy David’s pointing us to.

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