I’m off for two weeks of rest, play, and composing. I’ll blog again after Labor Day.

Before I go, I want to thank Gavin Borchert for a thoughtful and friendly response to my comments on his Seattle Weekly piece, about the future of classical music. Might be worth quoting, if he’d let me do that, when I get back. But above all, it shows that people can debate very sharply and still be civil, even cheerful about it. Gavin seems like a class act.

One thing worth noting, by the way — his piece is two years old, even though it was linked on ArtsJournal just this past week. Which certainly explains one thing I wondered about. When Gavin quoted Seattle Symphony statistics from the 2000-2001 season, he wasn’t simply picking some favorable numbers out of the distant past. He was citing the most recent numbers he had.

Have a good end of the summer, everyone, and thanks, as ever, for all the thoughtful e-mail. We’ll resume in September. 

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