Wonders and marvels, the sequel

Check out this month’s Vanity Fair — they put Paul Kellogg, the man who runs the New York City Opera, in their hall of fame. And for reasons that have everything to do with art, not glitz.

Which brings me back to my post some months ago about Vanity Fair‘s annual music issue. They’d featured two classical artists, Juan Diego Florez and Anna Netrebko, both heavily pushed by Deutsche Grammophon’s publicists. I wondered what it would take to get the magazine to highlight classical people who aren’t glamorous, and aren’t the flavor of the month.

Well, they just did it. So take note, classical music publicists (perhaps working for the Chicago Symphony, or the Cleveland Orchestra, or…choose your own favorite). Vanity Fair apparently is open to you. How do you get your people on its pages?

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