Educating Greg

Reading ArtsJournal is indeed an education. (And let me say that I’d been reading this site daily, long before I was ever asked to blog this blog.) Today I hope you noticed the item about niche cable channels. Yesterday I carried on about the limits of niches — how some niches were surely just too small to support themselves.

And then today I read about the Puppy Channel. Only a proposal, so far, but who knows? Maybe it’ll fly. And if it does, I give up. Bring on the Asparagus Channel, and the Godard Network. Yesterday I said they couldn’t float, but now…

And while we’re at it, how about the Opera Channel? If we’re going to have a Puppy Channel, I’d love to know how many viewers all those puppies would draw. Would opera do better or worse? (A serious question, actually. And suddenly I fear I know the answer. I look into my heart, and realize that I myself would watch the Puppy Channel. Already I watch Animal Planet. “The World’s Funniest Animal Videos,” or whatever they call it, is a guilty pleasure for plenty of people I know, despite the silly host. So puppies, I’ll bet, would do better than opera. Forget you ever read this blog-entry.)

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