Oh, nonprofit model. Where do we go from here?

DER Blogging on AftA's ARTSblog May 16-20

May 16-20 I blogged for Americans for the Arts on ARTSblog. AftA brought together a group of thinkers to ponder the future of the nonprofit model. (Cue dramatic music.) In all seriousness, I’m honored to have been asked to contribute to the discussion.

Here’s the framing post for the discussion, written by Valerie Beaman and my three posts: L3C Cha Cha Cha, Need a new way of working? How about the old way?, and The Blurring/Vanishing/Missing Line Between Commercial and Nonprofit. And if you go to AftA’s Private Sector Blog and scroll to posts during the week of May 16-20 you can read the rest!

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  1. says

    President Tony Woodcock Adds Fifth Blog Posting on Orchestra Issues

    Summarizes and Responds to Comments

    Although he had only contemplated writing four postings on the issue of orchestras and sustainability of business models, NEC President Tony Woodcock has added a fifth entry to summarize his thoughts and respond to the many reader comments.

    To read, click on the link below:

    For further information, check the NEC Website at: http://necmusic.edu/tony-woodcock

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