Gee, Ya Think?

Just because the NYT editorial these two questions appeared here on Friday. But so what? Ditto for the Noah Feldman article Analysis: Whatever happened to the war? … [Read more...]

Uh, Just Asking

Does it matter to the pols running for prez? Does it matter to the people voting for the pols? Let's see whether the 655,000 estimated earlier by researchers from Johns Hopkins. Yes, the numbers are all over the lot, depending on the source and methodology. Here's a count of whatever. … [Read more...]

Mom & Apple Pie

The flag-waving has begun, if it ever stopped: After so many years of fear and loathing, we had almost forgotten what it's like to feel good about our country. On Thursday night, that long-dormant emotion came rushing back, like an old dream that pops out of the deepest recesses of memory, suddenly as clear as light. "They said this day would never come," said Barack Obama, and yet here, right before us, was indisputable evidence that it had. Frank Rich's column this morning, as though Obamarama-cum-Huckababy could flush the aaaeulc down the … [Read more...]

Before I Forget

Here's a tale you won't find in It was the winter of 1970, probably in February. I'm not sure of the exact date. It must have been around the time that Tom Hayden and four others of the Chicago Seven were convicted of inciting a riot in Chicago at the 1968 Democratic Convention. The place was Jessica Mitford's house in Berkeley, California, where a crowd of Bay Area radicals, politicos, artists, poets, journalists, professors and other high-minded riffraff had gathered. We were there to hear the latest news and to rally the troops, raise money, … [Read more...]

The Year in Roadkill

Like every two-bit journalist at this time of year, I grabbed a look over my shoulder to see what was left behind. It was uglier than roadkill. The mush rush of the past 12 months turned my stomach. Here's shitty reminder. Which is where … [Read more...]

Liam O’Gallagher, R.I.P.

sound poet, checked out on Dec. 4 in Santa Barbara, Ca. He had a good run, though. Born William Gallagher in Oakland, California, on October 2, 1917, he adopted the more traditional rendering of his name after visiting relatives in Ireland in 1950. He moved to the Monterey Peninsula in 1945, at a time when the area was known for its resident artists and bohemians. In 1946, he left for Greenwich Village in New York to study painting with the renowned abstract expressionist master Hans Hoffman. After returning to the West Coast in 1948, he … [Read more...]

Our Man of the Year

"aieeeeee," sez un buen amigo, "el keith es un hombre con cojones gigantescos!" Yes, Keith Olbermann still sizzles. His latest special commentary, an here and BnnRpbi … [Read more...]


She's making me blush. I don't usually get admiring emails from law profs. Hi Jan -- I just wanted to introduce myself, having followed your blog with great interest.  My name is Sonia Katyal, and I am a law professor who specializes in the area of art, law and technology at Fordham Law School in NYC. Being a fan of your work, I wanted to send you an download the paper for free on SSRN.  Feel free to pass it on to interested folks via blog or otherwise, and I'd be grateful for any thoughts you might be able to pass along. I told her I read the … [Read more...]

Just for the Record

I have no idea how many readers wrote to tell them. But I know of at least one. This was my email message to The New York Times Book Review: ("Chelsea Mornings," Oct. 28) Mr. Burroughs wrote the manuscript at the Villa Muniria in Tangier (at 1 Calle Magallanes, where Jack Kerouac typed up an early version for him) and at the Beat Hotel in Paris (at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur, where Brion Gysin and others helped him prepare a later version for publication). I sent the email three Sundays ago, on the morning of the review. A few days later I received … [Read more...]

Overlooked and Undersung

It is a delicious irony of life in New York to ride the subway during the morning rush hour with Dave Frishberg's "Quality Time" playing on your iPod Among other things, they offer an eyeful on the not small matter of prevarication, which some would submit is the issue of our time. Have a look at the portraits of Gepetto's boy. There are a handful, and they come in all sizes. Pinocchio may not resemble the current occupant of the White House. His nose is longer, for one thing. He's also made of wood, although that's a debatable difference, and … [Read more...]