A Box of Chocolates

VALENTINE Mustillian

... for Valentine's Day. There's the Victorian way. And then there's the Mustillian way. "February 14, is Valentine's Day" © 1975 by Norman O. Mustill. … [Read more...]

Obama W. Bush Does His Banana Republic Thing

When Noam Chomsky or Ralph Nader or Glenn Greenwald or Paul Krugman or Chris Hedges or any number of Obama's leftwing critics call him a disgrace and worse -- ok, let's say it, a finkified hypocrite -- their opinions are dismissed on the right as the mutterings of ideologues who in some cases feel that they were jilted at the alter. So let's quote a rightwinger, the columnist Ross Douthat, who writes in today's NYT: [A]fter two years in office we can say with some certainty where Barack Obama's instincts really lie. From the war on terror to … [Read more...]

Take the What Train?

Some folks in Montreal want to name a busy subway station for the late great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson in the Montreal nabe where he was born and raised, The Globe and Mail reports. But zehr eez a leetle problem: The station is already named for Lionel-Adolphe Groulx, a locally famous Quebec priest notable for his xenophobic racism (a k a "nationalistic" beliefs). Not to worry. A McGill University professor suggests that the station name be shared. He favors "paying homage to both men" (you read that right) with the hyphenated name Station … [Read more...]

Blog Miscellany

A reader from Oregon writes, "Help us, we who check your blog regularly!! Please add something -- ANYTHING!!!! I forget about it being there and then get my this? The mind boggles at possibilities in the hands of neo-quizzers. 'twould make water boarding obsolete, not ta mench human cattle prod ta line 'em up ... Forget da … [Read more...]

Milton Glaser Information, Not Persuasion

The 79-year-old graphic designer perhaps most famous for creating the "Where the Truth Lies," organized by the The Graduate Center, CUNY. "Beliefs must be held lightly because certainty can be the enemy of truth." Propaganda "substitutes an alien authority for our own perception," he said, adding that "the intersection of fear and persuasion has created the world as we know it" and that we are faced with a "constant and relentless subversion of what is real." Lascaux cave paintings of prehistoric times to bolster his point. In addition … [Read more...]

May We Remind You?

In "Vietnam Redux," points out, "Now, as then, [the] generals are leading us down the primrose path." But this kind of news, as Powers says, "gets lost in the noise of other news." You know: "Obama and the Clintons. The mortgage crisis. Sports. The Hollywood writers' strike. The Clintons. The weather. Obama. Celebrities in trouble. Obama. Your health." Postscript: An inherent part of genocide is to deny that people have died. Read … [Read more...]

‘Ganda Bash

Big "Where the Truth Lies." Keynoter: Topics include: How American Presidents Persuade the Public to Go to War. "It is not war that Americans hate, but, rather, unsuccessful wars," says Eugene Secunda, a marketing and media prof at NYU, per the release. He explains why a majority of Americans "are more than willing to buy a war if it is properly packaged and skillfully marketed." How about this one? Learning from Las Vegas. "Progressives continue to depend upon sober reason to guide them," says Stephen Duncombe, a political activist and NYU … [Read more...]

Our Subprime War

Whenever I read or hear about the success of the surge, I substitute the phrase bribes to the tribes. Those four little words make a world of difference, and they go back a long way -- viz. President With His Head Up His Ass boasting about our bribes to the tribes. He brags instead, lengthy report that broke the news of the new Army operations manual on counterinsurgency, revised after the "hard-won lessons" of Afghanistan and Iraq, fails to mention bribery. It speaks instead about the importance of street patrols. manual has already been … [Read more...]

Blogging During Wartime

have a closer look, it's blood. Artist Life During Wartime, says that before the invasion of Iraq he was fooled into believing "it was going to be a short, ugly, bloody war and that American influence in the Middle East was going to be triumphant." scholarly works to his credit.) But candor is typical of him and worth keeping in mind when looking at the The Graduate Center, CUNY, in Manhattan. Brown trained as an artist before getting his Ph.D. in working-class history at Columbia. (Two murals he painted in 1979 for Yoko Ono and John Lennon … [Read more...]

Essential Reading

Center for Public Integrity collects the aaaeulcan lies that took us to war in Iraq. One section highlights write: President George W. Bush and seven of his administration's top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Nearly five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an exhaustive examination of the record … [Read more...]

Boris Lurie, R.I.P.

'Pinup with Flower' by Boris Lurie [1959]

The epigraph on The NO!art created and maintained by Dietmar Kirves. It is revelatory. There you will find biographical notes, extensive filmography of documentaries about him, and Clayton Patterson, when he included Lurie in a group show, "Boris Lurie's 'NO!art' and the Holocaust," "Boris on the Bill" -- but it would be an exaggeration to say they even barely scratch the surface.) It is obvious from the 1959 "Railroad Collage," above, that the Holocaust dominates Lurie's art. How could it not? He was a survivor. Lurie clearly had the … [Read more...]