Whom Do You Believe? Clapper or Snowden?

You won’t see Edward Snowden being interviewed on American TV. But you will see the nation’s top intelligence official James R. Clapper Jr., who previously lied to Congress under oath about the existence of bulk data collection programs, all over the news accusing Snowden and unidentified “accomplices” of causing “grave damage to the country’s security.”

U.S. intelligence officials testified yesterday in an annual hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Clapper is at the center of the lineup.
[Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP]

In “a scorching attack,” as the New York Times characterized it this morning, Clapper assailed Snowden but “did not give specific examples to bolster his assessment about the damage Mr. Snowden had done. He also did not say whom he believed Mr. Snowden’s accomplices to be.” Read the transcript of Clapper’s testimony published in the Washington Post. Now watch the video of Snowden’s interview on German television by an investigative reporter who went to Moscow to talk with him. Whom do you believe?

Postscript: Well, excuse me. Here are several seconds on ABC News the other night from the German TV interview of Snowden. The entire ABC clip comes to about two minutes. It’s pathetic. The 30-second commercial preceding the video gets more time than he does. And the official U.S. take on Snowden gets most of the coverage, of course, especially complaints by American corporations that his leaks have damaged their business prospects overseas. Which is bad for the economy. Snowden is a bery bery bad man. Oh yeah.

ABC World News

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    Foreign Policy Magazine named Snowden as number 1 among the top 100 global thinkers of 2013. This week two Norwegian politicians nominated Snowden for a Nobel Prize. And yet, have we seen any major interviews of Snowden on US television? So now we are turning to the Germans for truthful and complete media! The Daily Kos had a transcript of key points from the interview here: