The Fine Art of Book Promotion

“If this is the literary equivalent of groupies throwing their bras on stage, I’ll take it,” he says. The author, who goes by the name Supervert, was talking about a nude photo shoot with an “alt” model, which, he was pleased to learn, uses two of his books as a prop.

Skinartia in Her Set © 2013 by

It’s not the first time Supervert’s books have drawn the attention of adventurous readers.

Back in August his Necrophilia Variations was used as more than a prop in a video starring a lovely, smart porn star that went viral from the moment it hit YouTube.

Stoya reads from Necrophilia Variations.
Click for the video.

When I wrote about it, in September, the video had been seen by more than two million viewers. Today, that number comes to more than 7.5 million. With the exception of J.K. Rowling, whose YouTube numbers are largely due to video postings about the Harry Potter movies … not the books, I don’t know of an author who has received more viral publicity than Supervert.

He attributes the phenomenal numbers not only to the attractiveness of the porn star and her large following — her name is Stoya — but also to the director Clayton Cubitt’s artistic concept for the video, which is sexy for sure and not in the least pornographic.

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