Hurray for Independence Day. Hmmph …

William Osborne writes in an email:

JOIN UP NOWIt is astonishing to see how deeply militarized American culture has become. The military colors every aspect of our lives. You could pick a thousand examples. Americans don’t see it, but Washington is essentially a military base posing as a seat of government. Even if America doesn’t have a military government, the coup has already happened in the American soul. Given Vietnam, the endless U.S.-backed military regimes in Latin America, the illegal invasion of Iraq, and all the immense suffering those events caused, how many war criminals are actually in Washington? To all the morally blind Ivy Leaguers in government, dreams became drones, because drones are the American dream. It is a complex metaphor not easily untangled, partly because it includes the failure of Martin Luther King Jr., which was that blacks became equal Americans instead of better Americans.

Which brings to mind a blogpost put up here two years ago, Obama Cultivates His Own Parcel of Dogpatch. Here ‘tiz again:

Let’s see: Torture crimes officially, permanently shielded.
Photo by Norman O. Mustill.

It also reminds me of “The President and the White House Fly” by Heathcote Williams.

Here’s the entire video, posted in sections.

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