Who Is Heathcote Williams? Not for Sale, That’s Who

“He is one of a few of genius who did not sell out and who peaks in (relative) old age. That’s quite something nowadays.” — Gerard Bellaart +++

“Fame is the first disgrace because God knows who you are.” — Heathcote Williams, “The Local Stigmatic” +++

The videos comprise Parts 1 and 2 of a semi-sendup documentary from Channel 4, “Every Time I Cross the Tamar, I Get into Trouble.” It was broadcast in 1993 as an account of some of Heathcote Williams’s work and Al Pacino’s obsession with his writing, and includes an interview with Harold Pinter and footage from Pacino’s film “The Local Stigmatic,” which co-starred Paul Guilfoyle. Yes, the docu is from soooo long ago. But it’s too good to pass up.

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