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June 16, 2005

What we're talking about
by Douglas McLennan
Is there a fundamental difference in the ways music critics see their roles? Are European classical music critics different from American critics? Are there different expectations of London critics than New York critics? Between critics in the “second cities” of America and those of Europe? Consequently...

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Who's talking
by Douglas McLennan
Our invited critics include: from the UK: Hugh Canning (Sunday Times), Norman Lebrecht (Evening Standard), Fiona Maddocks (Evening Standard); from Canada: Colin Eatock (freelance), Robert Everett-Green (The Globe & Mail); from Australia: Peter McCallum (Sydney Morning Herald); from the USA: Willa Conrad (Newark Star-Ledger), Andrew Druckenbrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), Lawrence Johnson (South Florida Sun-Sentinel), Joshua Kosman (San Francisco Chronicle), Allan Kozinn (The New York Times), Anne Midgette (The New York Times), Tim Page (Washington Post), Donald Rosenberg (The Plain Dealer), Tim Smith (Baltimore Sun), David Patrick Stearns (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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