It’s official. As predicted in Changes, ArtsEngaged has a new and, to my eyes, snazzy website. The snazziness is entirely due to the efforts of our Marketing and Sales specialist, Achia Floyd. Many, many thanks Achia!

While new is always (well, often) fun, what is most important to me about this website upgrade is the opportunity to share many more resources with the community engagement field. The Engagement Essentials page is packed with links to information and downloadable materials that were not available before. Here are some of the newly available resources:

In addition, the following, most (but not all) of which have been available before, are accessible from a single location, again on the Engagement Essentials page.

Another advantage of the new format is that we will be able to continue adding resources as they are developed. It is our hope to be adding things on a regular basis. We hope you take advantage of what we have to offer and that this proves to be a valuable addition in support of community engagement.



Photo: Attribution Some rights reserved by usarmyband