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July 1, 2008

An open source PSA

Want to link or embed this PSA on your web site? Use the ''production version'' now available here.
Before I go on my July hiatus, I wanted to lob one more idea into the ether, and offer an incentive to anyone who catches it. I've generally been frustrated with public campaigns to promote and support the arts. They either err on the side of utility (the arts improve test scores) or the side of entitlement (support the arts because you should). I've had a campaign bubbling in my head for several months now, and thought it was time to set it free.

I've produced an on-line video storyboard of the idea, with static images as placeholders for what would ultimately be video testimonials. Since I don't have a production capacity beyond this, I figured I would set the idea free to see if anyone's interested. The video is published under a Creative Commons license (an Attribution-Noncommercial License, to be specific). So, anyone can feel free to rethink, rewrite, reframe, or even professionally produce a video based on this idea. I give you permission in advance (although restrict that permission to noncommercial use).

I'll be thrilled to post any produced videos on my weblog (they'll need to be in an on-line video format like YouTube or Blip.TV or the like). Also, ArtsJournal editor Doug McLennan has agreed to post the ''winner'' as a featured video on the ArtsJournal home page (Doug and I will judge). So, give it a go!

Art. It's what's inside.
a proposed PSA, in storyboard format

The idea is this: art in communities does, indeed, have functional value -- it refocuses economic activity, engages students more deeply in school, builds and sustains social groups. But this functional value is the byproduct not the driver of cultural activity. This PSA seeks to balance those two messages.

Watch it. Share it. Copy it. Produce it. Perhaps win a spot on the ArtsJournal home page for tens of thousands of people to see. Just keep me posted on what happens next.

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July 14, 2008

Look who's five!

Just a brief note during my July hiatus to mark the fifth anniversary of this weblog. I launched The Artful Manager on July 14 back in 2003, with the help and guidance of ArtsJournal founder Doug McLennan.

855 posts later, the blog continues to be a great place to think out loud, and a gateway to meeting really interesting people. Thanks to all who read, comment, and respond!

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