Other Matters: Language

Has anyone else noticed that radio and TV weather people report or predict "warm temperatures" or "cold temperatures." Temperatures are not warm or cold. Air is warm or cold. Temperatures are high or low, or somewhere in between. Please, weather people. And another thing, as Andy Rooney would say: Gene Lees, refusing to submit to the PC usage "weatherpersons," called them "weatherthings." Boy, do I miss him. … [Read more...]

Geller Plays Strayhorn

At 82, Herb Geller is still living in Germany, still touring in Europe, with occasional—too rare—visits to his US homeland. Here he is last February in Aberdeen, Scotland, at a club called the Blue Lamp. His rhythm section is pianist Paul Kirby, bassist Martin Zenker and drummer Rick Hollander. They play Billy Strayhorn’s “Johnny Come Lately.” What’s the reason for posting this performance? Listen. … [Read more...]

Rifftidesers Helping Rifftidesers

Passos Romance

Several days ago in the course of conducting a web search, Vicki Overfelt came across a 2008 Rifftides mini-review of a Rosa Passos album, Romance. She used the comment function to ask if anyone could help her find the object of her search. She wanted the words to “Desilusión,” a song Passos wrote with lyricist Santiago Auserón and recorded on her 2006 CD Rosa. Skeptical that other trollers might find her plea so long after the initial item, we nonetheless posted the query. Lo and behold, … [Read more...]

Tristano And The Robots

lenny tristano

The animated digital robot spoofs springing up on the internet include several aimed at the jazz-insider culture, in particular at the hipper-than-thou talk exchanged among students of the art who may be ever so slightly over-educated and just too cool—but not too cool for words. There are plenty of words in these cartoons. One of the most inviting targets for robot satire is the school of musicians who pattern themselves on the playing and teachings of Lennie Tristano and his accolytes. If … [Read more...]