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What Museum Visitors Want to Know

Museums are mysterious to many people outside the art world (and maybe to people in the art world, I don’t know!). That’s why I highlighted Ask A Curator Day here last week, and why I asked to hear from curators who participated. One museum–prompted by a curator there–stepped up. The Fine Arts Museums of San […]

The Maltese Icon–No, Not That One

If you’re an art-lover (and writer) headed toward Malta, as I was last June, the first artwork that comes to mind is Caravaggio’s masterpiece in the Valetta cathedral, The Beheading of St John the Baptist. Brilliantly conceived and titanic in size–12 ft by 17 ft–it is the only work Caravaggio ever signed. It hangs in a separate room […]

Kusama in Seattle, Post Script, And On to LA

When, on a recent day, The Broad museum announced that “due to overwhelming demand” additional tickets for the coming Yayoi Kusama exhibition would be available on Oct. 2, it added this to the statement: “Tickets are expected to go extremely quickly and everyone who wants an opportunity to purchase must be in our waiting room […]

Coming Soon: Ask A Curator Day

I’m not sure how I missed Ask A Curator Day in years past; I think it’s a splendid idea. Maybe because it seems to be publicized most ardently on Twitter, and I do not have a Twitter account. In any case, I read about this year’s, which takes place on Wednesday, Sept. 13, on Facebook. […]

Three Small(ish) Exhibitions That Deserve More Notice

Planning your fall outings to special exhibitions? The season about to begin has a wealth of fascinating shows–many devoted to artists or topics that are due for much more exposure and attention. Let me highlight a few here that. I’ll bet, won’t get the attention they may deserve: Tomorrow, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in […]

Voyeurism At The Balenciaga Exhibition

Summer has simply sped by and I haven’t even really gone on vacation yet (that’s coming up at the end of September). There was that trip to London (and Malta) in May, as you may recall, which now seems so long ago. But I did intend to write here about my visit on that trip […]

Should Museums Compare and Contrast Cultures?

It seems to be a trend these days for art museums (and some galleries) to mix and match cultures and, sometimes, time periods. Sometimes, this is about breaking down so-called false hierarchies in art history (I do not believe they are always false), sometimes it’s about appealing to new audiences, and sometimes it’s simply about […]

How To Create An Art-Lover

While at the Guggenheim Museum yesterday, seeing Visionaries: Creating A Modern Guggenheim, I witnessed an awesome sight–but it wasn’t the art. It was a little girl, still in a stroller, with a sketchbook in hand, attempting to copy a painting by Bonnard. Her mother (presumably) was sitting nearby, but the girl was working on her […]

Kusama Exhibit Is A Wow–And More

Yayoi Kusama is one of those artists whose work is easy to love. Although she made it (or much of it) as therapy for herself–beset from early on with mental health issues and thoughts of suicide–her works come across to viewers as exuberant and bedazzling. And in many cases, fun–even as they are thought-provoking. Last […]

What A Way To Go! Fantasy Coffins from Africa

It may be summer, but it’s school days at Jack Shainman Gallery in Kinderhook, and the revelation this year is–fantasy coffins. These fascinating works, three made by a Ghanaian artist named Paa Joe, are unlike most you’ve ever seen. They’re the centerpiece of The School‘s summer exhibition, which opened Saturday (June 24). Called abebuu adekai, […]

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