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Brace For More Bad News From The Metropolitan Museum

It’s coming–possibly Wednesday or Thursday of this week, though I doubt there will be any “announcement.” Rather, employees will learn of the museum’s financial outlook at a town hall meeting in the museum. I don’t have any numbers, but the gist of the message coming from management–Director Tom Campbell and President Dan Weiss–will be that […]

New Year, New Format? Some News!

For some two years now, I’ve been finding it hard to find time to blog here. But I still hear of items of interest to the art world that go little remarked, and I notice other things, announced, that should be remarked on. It is at times like those that I wish there was a […]

It’s Still the Christmas Season

When I wrote two recent seasonal posts here–about art-related Christmas/Chanukkah presents and about the Star Trail at the National Gallery–I had  forgotten about an exhibition whose notice I had saved. It came in a press release dated Sept. 1, and I just turned it up in a bout of cleaning out emails. Since Oct. 12, […]

Merry Christmas: This Year’s Nativity Scene

By tradition, every year about this time I post a nativity scene here, for your enjoyment and contemplation while I am away with family for Christmas. There’s no shortage of possible choices. This year, reminded and inspired by my review of the Giovanni di Paolo exhibition at the Getty, I’ve chosen one by the artist […]

Art For Christmas and Chanukkah

Are you still shopping for gifts this holiday season? An email from Winterthur this morning reminded me that I’ve been meaning to suggest giving the gift of art–or art books, even for children or grown-up kids. . The new Winterthur book in the email is ABC: A Winterthur Book for Children, which features items from the […]

The Art Emerging In A New(ish) Museum

Come along with me to see a new museum filled with contemporary art that, for the most part, hasn’t been overexposed. My recent trip took me to Morocco, where I was pleased to find a museum of modern and contemporary art in Rabat, the capital. It’s just two years hold, named after King Mohammed VI, […]

The National Gallery: Blazing More New Trails

Last year about this time, I praised the National Gallery in London for creating and publicizing an “Angel Trail” of artworks in its galleries that include portrayals of angels–for the Christmas season. This year, I’m back to share the news that Christmas 2016 has prompted the creation of “The Star Trail.” The NG pitch:”Stargaze with […]

Kenneth Clark’s Response to Crisis

During World War II, in London’s bleak days, Kenneth Clark acted, as the review of his biography by James Stourton in today’s New York Times reminds us. Clark recognized that in dark times there is a yearning for serious art, music and literature. Many people now feel that we as a nation are going through […]

Comes the Revolution!

Don’t let that word “revolution” scare you this tense Election Day. I’m not talking about the USA. I’m referring to the wonderful exhibition now on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910-1950. It’s a massive show–more than 280 works by 70 artists, filling several galleries. And it’s more than […]

Artificial Intelligence Invades The Museum and Art Worlds

“It’s a massively ambitious project.” That is Tony Guillan, a multimedia producer for the Tate museum, in the U.K, speaking. Guillan manages the IK PRize, which the Tate Britain has awarded for the last few years to projects that use digital technology in an innovative way to promote the exploration of art at the Tate Britain […]

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